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Survival Weekend


Survival Weekend Survival Weekend

Learn Survival In The Wild with our Survival Course

A woodland ways survival weekend is a wonderful way to begin your foray into the world of survival skills, or adding to your existing bushcraft knowledge. The practical survival weekend course is designed for both the novice and those with some survival experience. However no prior experience is required for this fun-filled bushcraft survival weekend - the Survival Weekend Experience is aimed primarily at those who simply want to learn to live more confidently in the wild, for example when they take camping vacations with friends or family, or perhaps those that just want the serenity of a forest experience spent alone to be a comfortable and rewarding time. It is also an excellent opportunity for those who have read the books and seen the TV programmes and wish to try out their own skills. Our wilderness survival weekend is an enjoyable experience for everyone and one of our most popular courses.

Survival weekend UK The Survival Weekend begins on a Friday evening and works through until Sunday. Participants can be assured of one to one time with our expert instructors. You'll receive practical first-hand experience during the survival weekend and we promise you'll enjoy a fantastic, unique experience under the stars.

Family bushcraft Weekend In addition, the bushcraft weekend program covers skills including shelter building, campfire building and maintenance, campfire cookery, tracking skills, water purification, knot work, natural navigation, knife work, sharpening and use as well as the safety practices of using an axe. This survival weekend experience will also allow you to learn about game and fish preparation for cooking, foraging and plant identification. The survival weekend is flexible and the course menu can be adapted for vegetarians too.

There's so much to learn at the survival weekend course, each and every one of our customers always has a fantastic time but dont just take our word for it, check out the reviews on our website or simply google woodland ways reviews, they speak for themselves.


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Free Survival Weekend tips article. FREE BUSHCRAFT TIPS: Desert Driving Skills

Out in the Sahara Desert your 4x4 is your primary means of survival; it needs to be mechanically sound, you need to know how to repair it, you need to know how to pack it, and you also need to know how to drive it!

There is no point hitting your first 10 metres of sand and going diff-lock deep... Unless you have desert driving experience it is hard to explain how hitting soft sand in the wrong gear just sucks the power away from the vehicle, leaving you with little time to do anything about it. As for all obstacles when travelling in the wilds you should select the correct gear before engaging the obstacle, and for soft sand I prefer high ratio 4 wheel drive in second gear, and then get the revs up... and keep them up.

Whatever you do, try and keep the momentum of the vehicle going, this includes keeping high revs and avoiding sharp turns, slowing down or changing gear until you reach the end of the obstacle.

By the way, do not be embarrassed if you do get stuck. Only be embarrassed if you have not planned on how to extract yourself... all off road driving involves getting stuck at some point... and yes... we did... about 10 metres into the first bit of sand... eh em... diff-lock deep!

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Jason Ingamells - Chief Survival Weekend Instructor .

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Survival Weekend